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The ultimate online resource for visitors to Moscow.

Welcome to Moscow.Info, the web's most comprehensive and authoritative source of information for travelers to Moscow, Russia. Here you'll find everything you need to plan a trip to Russia's fascinating capital, from help booking hotels and airport transfers to detailed descriptions of the city's sights and cultural attractions. Whether you're coming to Moscow as a tourist or on business, we're confident you'll find our range of services indispensable.

Moscow Essentials Moscow Essentials
Expert advice covering every aspect of the practicalities of traveling in Moscow, from getting a visa to dealing with emergencies. We've pooled a wealth of travel experience to provide you with accurate and relevant information that you'll find essential when planning a trip to Moscow.  ›››

Red Square - Moscow's most famous address Red Square - Moscow's most famous address
Crowned by the legendary onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square epitomizes the mystique and beauty of the Russian capital, with buildings and monuments that reflect every aspect of Moscow's long and turbulent history. Start your sightseeing tour of Moscow here.  ›››

Orthodox Moscow Orthodox Moscow
Once again, Moscow is the centre of a thriving religion the long history of which is reflected in the city's dazzling array of churches and monasteries. Find the spiritual heart behind the glitz and bustle of the modern megapolis with our guide to Moscow's Orthodox sights.  ›››

Moscow Theatres - Opera and Ballet Moscow Theatres - Opera and Ballet
The world famous Bolshoi Theatre is the jewel in the crown of Moscow's rich cultural life. But it's far from being the only world-class musical theatre in a city revered for its dramatic heritage. Find the best places to enjoy an evening of opera or ballet in our extensive theatre guide.  ›››

Moscow Travelers Online Store Moscow Travelers' Online Store
Whether you're planning a trip to Moscow or searching for a souvenir to remind you of a magical holiday, you'll find a huge range of souvenirs and travel aids in our well-stocked and reliable online store.  ›››

St. Petersburg - Pay a visit to the Northern Capital St. Petersburg - Pay a visit to the Northern Capital
Getting from Moscow to Russia's second city is easy and inexpensive, so why not take the opportunity to head north and see the famous waterways and glorious palaces of the great imperial capital? Check our sister site for full information on traveling to St. Petersburg.  ›››
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