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The Palaces and Buildings of the Kremlin

Extremely varied, even eclectic in style - from ancient Russian to classical and even pseudo-gothic - the palaces and buildings of the Kremlin nonetheless form an organic whole. This unique combination of styles and eras lends the Kremlin's architectural ensemble a quite incomparable charm. Each historical era has left its immortal traces on the facades and interior appointments of the palaces and chambers of the Kremlin.

The Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow Great Kremlin Palace
The 700-room Moscow home of Russia's Tsars in the 19th century, and later the centre of Soviet power, this vast building is both a museum of Tsarist living and a memorial to Russian military might.  ›››

The Terem Palace in Moscow Terem Palace
A layered casket structure, this fairytale palace was the 17th Century home of the Tsar's family and embodies old Russia's regal charm. ›››

The Poteshny Palace in Moscow Poteshny Palace
A Kremlin curiosity that has at different times been a nobleman's residence, a comic theatre, and a police headquarters - and is now being turned into a church. ›››

The Senate Building in Moscow Senate Building
A classical masterpiece, famous for its circular hall, which is now the President's official residence. ›››

The Arsenal in Moscow The Arsenal
Planned by Peter the Great as a museum of warfare, this imposing building has suffered several calamities of its own in its three-hundred-year history.  ›››

The State Kremlin Palace in Moscow State Kremlin Palace
The Kremlin's own Soviet-era monstrosity, which now plays host to concerts by ageing rockers and student balls. ›››

The Faceted Chamber in Moscow Faceted Chamber
A unique architectural jewel that has witnessed the most tumultuous events in Russia's history for over six centuries. ›››

The Armory in Moscow The Armory
Russia's oldest surviving museum, which houses a sumptuous collection of Tsarist artifacts including jewels, clothing and weaponry. ›››

The Tsar Cannon in Moscow Tsar Cannon
This giant piece of artillery is one of the oldest and largest cannons in the world, but has never actually been used. ›››

The Tsar Bell in Moscow Tsar Bell
The biggest bell in the world, with a difficult history that is another testament to the futile hubris of the Tsars. ›››
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